Hiking in Hungary - through the eyes of a Hungarian hiker

The best hikes around Budapest

Not many capitals around the world can offer so many great possibilities for hikers just in their neighborhood, like Budapest. On the western side of Budapest, the Buda hills make a natural border of the city, and offer their treasures for outdoor enthusiasts and nature fans.The citizens and visiting guests of the capitol are lucky, because they don’t have to travel hours by car, by using the public transport they can be in the woods within 15-30 minutes, it is cheap and eco-friendly as well. Let’s look at the best areas for hiking in and around Budapest, from the most known ones to my personal favorites.

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Hiking in Hungary along the National Blue Trail

Many countries have their own famous trails, like the Appalachian Trail in the United States, the El Camino in Spain or the Pennine Way in the United Kingdom. Of course Hungary also has one, called the National Blue Trail or ’Kéktúra’ (official name: Országos Kéktúra) in Hungarian. If you ask Hungarian hikers about hiking in Hungary, they will surely mention this trail (or they are not proper hikers anyway). It goes through the most beautiful parts of Hungary, so if you want to catch the best of the country and have a longer time, don’t hesitate to start it.

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Trails of Budapest

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